Our Stories

Ben (Audible Archive Recorded 2/28/2017)

-In October of 1941, 6 year old Ben and his family were ordered to leave their home in Romania. They were brought by train to a concentration camp in a town called Mogilev. After their liberation, he and his mother became citizens of Israel where Ben served in the Israeli army. 3 years later, Ben and his mother relocated to America. I met with him to capture his life story.

Ruth (Audible Archive Recorded 3/7/2017)

-Ruth was born in Chile and moved to the United States when she was 17 years old to attend college. In University, she studied counseling, philosophy, and psychology. She fell in love with her husband while they were both in college. Their relationship began long distance; they would send letters to one another and exchange phone calls. Ruth married her husband and eventually moved to Atlanta, GA where she raised two daughters. Both of her daughters became lawyers, advocating for the handicapped and disabled.

Dave & Ben (Audible Archive Recorded 4/6/2017)

-Dave had a conversation with his father about his experience serving two tours in the Vietnam war. Dave was 8 years old when his father left for his first tour. He was 13 during his fathers second tour. Dave gained perspective on his fathers experience while he was away.