Audible Archive


We capture thoughts, experiences, and perspectives to produce an audible portrait. Consciousness and life experience documented have forever.




Many years ago, my grandparents passed away. I have pictures to look at, but nothing that displays the way they were one-on-one. I don't have anything that represents how they thought, spoke, and expressed themselves.

All I have are memories.


I wish I could have known more about their lives. I wish I had access to them whenever I wanted.


"Audible Archive" is a result of that wish.


-Adam Abramowitz

Founder/Creative Director of "Audible Archive"




At Audible Archive, we meet with people and capture their life story. Then, we produce the conversation into a cohesive audio experience. Once completed, you will receieve a package that contains the Audible Archive on personalized CD's, a USB keychain, and a USB wristband.


The wristband signifies consciousness caught; a loved ones story to carry with you wherever, and whenever, you are.


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